Step 3: 

Getting your ad seen

Step 1:  

Getting Started with your Ad

Video matching works a little different than ads. While they still get matched and added in like regular ads, videos must be recorded after an article is written, (but before the article posts). 

Video matching (1-3 minutes) provides our articles with "expert advice" on whatever the article is written about. Purchasing one of our video packages, we will contact you immediately when we feel you are a good match to provide this advice to our readers.

Click video for sample Video Matching

Step 2:  

Placement of your Ad

Now THIS is where we SHINE!

Our professional marketing team continually promotes The Loudoun Homeowner and its articles on a variety of levels using social media channels, strategic LoCo partnerships, Homeowners associations, social media groups, paid ads, promoted posts, and a variety of other channels and methods.

How will homeowners see your ad?

Your ad will be inserted into LHO articles that pertain to your business. For example, if posted an article entitled “Should you Buy or Renovate",and you're a Real Estate agent, a Title company, a Handyman, or even and electrician, your ad might be matched and placed with this article. 

We'll create you a highly effective ad, showcasing your business and what it offers Loudoun County homeowners. We will also link your ad to your website, social pages or landing page.

Step 3:  

Getting your Ad Seen


Plans and Pricing

Video Matching

Ad Matching

$72/1 video

      $648/10 videos

Contact us for more information

Dan Hine

Phone: (703) 737-0311

$149 for 3 ad pack 

$228 for 6 ad pack

$297 for 9 ad pack

~ OR ~


How quickly will my ads go up?

Yes, however, we are very careful when placing ads to not double up with more than 1 of the same type of business under the same article.

How long do my ads stay up?

Do you allow more than 1 advertiser/industry?  

How do video ads work?

Nope. No Contracts.  However, signing up for more than a month at a time can provide some pretty decent discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I sign a contract?

All ads purchased, regardless of package selected, will be live on our site within 3-5 days of the time we finish designing your ad. We have new articles publishing daily and will space your ads out over the course of the month.

What kind of return can I expect from my ads?

Once you've purchased one of our video packages, your name goes into our database under one of the 5 categories: Outdoor & Garden, Design & Organize, Loudoun Lifestyle, Repair and Maintenance and Buy/Sell/Build. 

If your company is a good fit for an article, you will be notified immediately. You will be given the article topic and 48 hours to let us know if you would like to shoot a video for this particular article, and to get the video to us. We only need videos shot with your cell phone 1-2 minutes long.  If we don't get the video from you in 48 hours, the opportunity gets passed on to the next business and you will be considered for the next article.

We currently have no way of tracking that, but impressions (the number of times articles are viewed), have had as many as 2K+ impressions for one article in one month.  Not too shabby. 

All ads will remain attached to their articles for as long as you remain a Loudoun Homeowner advertiser. Video ads will remain for 1 year.

Crimson Fly, Inc. and its team are the working force behind the Loudoun Homeowner project.  With their extensive experience of social networking, they have become a leader in developing successful strategies since social media's inception more than 15 years ago. Crimson Fly's claim to fame is successfully driving traffic to other businesses websites to develop solid leads. While LHO has only been active since early 2016, it has already shown tremendous growth, popularity and praise throughout Loudoun County.

Behind the Scenes